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Crisis is not a hindrance for quality!

Crisis is not a hindrance for quality!

4 October 2011

Pechatny express — Flexographia Company offers to its customers new economical «crisis management» solutions through increasing its technological capabilities in label manufacturing for various industries.

Today, in difficult times, many companies have to look for ways of decreasing costs of its product manufacturing and it also has an impact on labels. It is not an easy question — how to decrease costs while retaining its quality and appeal to consumers. Our company’s offer is to use new technological solutions that allow significantly «reduce» the label’s price without prejudice to its design.

Many producers/especially producers of alcohol products/ used to apply expensive paper sorts in antiquate style and additional post printing processing and finishing for imparting elite and premium appearance to a label. Pechatny express — Flexographia Company drew up a special technology which allows when special materials are in use to print on usual semi-glossy paper in such a way that practically it looks as paper of expensive sorts remaining time its aesthetic and functional characteristics. Such a label printed through new technology is becoming more attractive to customers because:

— visually it looks antique as if it was printed on expensive paper;
— it has texture by touch, the effects of nice roughness and velvety remain and these things also give to the label a special appeal of antique;
— it attracts consumers’ attention and gives to a product premium appeal;
— it is considerably cheaper than expensive paper usage.

Besides such technology is also widening the limits of professional creative designers’ developments and realizations enabling to obtain a label with special expressiveness and originality. Thereby due to «crisis management» solutions our customers significantly save on technologies not losing quality and beauty at the same time and this in difficult market times guarantees popularity and competitiveness of manufactured products with labels not indistinguishable from expensive one. Come to us and we with great pleasure will show and prove it!