Typography Label printing

New capabilities

New capabilities

4 October 2011

Pechatny express — Flexographia Company placed in operation 2-color UV-screen printing machine and this allowed to increase printing services spectrum.

Usage of additional UV-screen printing machine significantly increased typography capabilities and allowed to approve manufacture of high qualitative labels through combination of such methods as flexo printing, screen printing, hot and/or cold embossing and also printing on an adhesive layer and all these on one label, up to 10 colors overall on it.

Combination of several technologies of printing and decoration on one label is on the one hand a fashionable trend — today more and more manufacturing companies are seeking to have a label attracting attention to a product by its originality and uniqueness, to have a label representing its product shelf position visually more captivating in comparison with others, to have a label underlying its virtue and consumers’ qualities. And on the other hand such «poly-technological» label practically helps in product’s protection against counterfeits.