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The season of a New Year production is already open!

The season of a New Year production is already open!

19 November 2013

New Year holidays are approaching, and an excessive demand for all categories of food and non-food items goes with them. Traditionally, on the eve of the New Year the company  Pechatny express — Flexographia is ready to develop and produce for your promotional labels, brand scotch, boxes for gift sets and other products that will help to increase your sales on New Year holidays.

The easiest and most economical way to attract buyers is a discount adhesive label — small, with New Year's design and laconic inscription as "Present inside", "Best New Year price" and others. You can also use promo stickers for the New Year lottery with prizes.

More sophisticated and expensive but more visible on the shelf variants are shell rings and tag-books. Due to the New Year design and decoration in the form of varnish and embossing they give to a product package a festive look and singles it out on the shelf. It is also possible to create an image of a new and actual product for a consumer through the use of shell rings with pictures of festive attributes or tags (Bottle Tags, booklets) with recipes for a New Year feast.

For bottles with drinks, sauces, dairy products, as well as for cosmetics it’s good to use a shrinkable label. No need to change a design of the bottle into special holiday one, you can just put on it a heat shrink with an appropriate text and image.

On the holidays eve gift sets are very popular. For cosmetics manufacturers it’s a great opportunity to introduce potential customers with their products, advertise new items and increase sales. Bright cardboard boxes with transparent windows or transparent packages with shell rings are typically used for packaging of sets.A more economical variant for packing sets is a brand scotch with which several products are wound. Food manufacturers often use it to promote their new products on the market. For example, a package with a new sauce or seasoning is wound with the help of the brand scotch to a doypack with mayonnaise. Likewise, you can attach to a product New Year promotional gifts for your customers (for example, a blade for frying to a bottle of cooking oil or a  balm sampler to a shampoo).