Our equipment capacities and technologies that we are using for our manufacturing allow us to offer different kinds of services to our customers. Combining of possible methods of printing and decoration gives an opportunity to get a unique label. Our capacities:

Flexo or combined printing of self-adhesive labels on various materials:

  • paper (semi-glossy, glossy, mat, foil laminated)
  • thermal paper (Eco, Semi, Top)
  • polypropylene (white, transparent, matted)
  • polyethylene (white and transparent)
  • metallized paper and film (gold, silver)
  • various special materials

Duplex printing (printing on a back side or on an adhesive layer)

Post printing label finishing:

  • UV varnishing (inline and selective) for glossy or mat effect or for protection from external factors influence
  • varnishing with metallic additives (inline and selective)
  • hot stamping with foil of any color, including washable foil
  • «cold» foil stamping
  • lamination
  • congreve embossing
  • label perforation
  • perforation of the substrate (for manual sheets separation convenience)

Screen printing

Printing of metalized inks of different colors and tints on various materials and also using of special additives to inks and varnishes

Panton and full-color printing with stochastic screening usage for label individualization and making it extra safety from counterfeits

Adhesive layer printing. It is used for additional information drawing and for decoration of labels which are glued on transparent products (bottles, vials, etc.)

Label printing using a selected glue. It is used for convenience of usage of such products as wet wipes, disposable dry wipes

Printing on a static self-adhesive film without a glue. The label is attached by static electricity (without leaving glue traces on the surface) and it is used for safety of mobile phones screens, clock glasses, etc.

Full-color and pantone printing on a special multilayer material for the sashets manufacture

Full-color and Pantone printing on an adhesive tape

Printing and foil embossing on a self-adhesive acetate (fabric labels and tabs which are actively used in shoemaking and knitwear industries)

Printing and foil embossing on different types of textile and leather (polyester, acetate, braid of different widths which is used for gift wraps, souvenirs, pens, paper bags, etc.)