All our products are manufactured with high quality guaranteed. It is provided by multilevel system of quality control which is carried out at all work stages: initial stage, prepress preparation, printing, rewinding, packaging.

Initial stage:

  • Inspection test of all consumables
  • Type of consumables used is determined by consultation and agreement with the customer
  • In label production we use only modern European consumables of high-quality produced by such European leading manufacturers as Fasson, Raflatac, 3M, Ritrama, Manter, Kocher + Beck and others

Prepress preparation

  • Inspection test of layouts for compliance with technical requirements and typography capabilities
  • The use of ICC-profiles due to specific materials for printing
  • Periodic calibration of monitors (once per 3 months)
  • Spectrophotometric X-Rite equipment usage in the work of prepress department
  • Bar-code readability checking made by Cipher scanner
  • Layout correting before flexo plates manufacturing
  • Active usage of modern coloring test technologies with ф layout concurrence


  • Monitoring of compliance of a print to a coloring test or to a given sample (with the help of a spectrophotometer or visually)
  • Product control for defects presence (for presence of scratches, overlaps, tears, drips, blots, cuts, folds, foreign inclusions, swelling and delamination and so on.)
  • Control of inks and blanking knife combining due to the specifications for a particular material
  • Control of adhesion of ink and foil for embossing due to specifications
  • Quality control of die cutting knives punching-outs


  • Label back checking for presence of printing defects, torn labels and splices
  • Control of smoothness and uniformity of the trade roll winding
  • Roll ends control of cut evenness and lack of technological defects and mechanical damages
  • Quality control of edges cutting and their seize
  • Label products control due to the number of labels in a roll or by the meter
  • Control of the trade roll seize made due to the outside diameter of the rewinding in compliance with a draft proposal


  • Additional control through spot checks of label products
  • Control of the package quality — finished products are packed in a plastic wrap, and in case of necessity it is laid into corrugated cardboard boxes; it ensures label products safety in the process of transportation and storage
  • Name control of a kitting in compliance with a draft proposal
  • Finished products marking with the following information — typography name, product name, the designation of existing specifications, product volume, product certification information. Marking with a glance to customer’s requirements for marking of products being bought is possible