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Ecolean Overlays

One of the activities of Pechatny express — Flexographia is the production of overlays of Ecolean with complex die-cutting. Such overlays are used to make milk bottles or sour cream jars more attractive and to create the image of the product prepared according to old home recipes, which increases the interest of the buyers. The overlays are fixed with a decorative cord, frequently tagged with a label.

Ecolean is a soft humidity-resistant material well known to diary products manufacturers. It is used to produce soft milk packs, butter and cottage cheese wraps, and other packs.
Pechatny Express — Flexographia proposes its clients to manufacture the overlays namely of Ecolean instead of a label paper as Ecolean has a number of obvious advantages:

  • it is humidity proof and does not display stains and drips;
  • it preserves shape well without needless wrinkles and creases;
  • it is lower in cost.

In other words, Ecolean overlays enable to improve a product appearance without any problems and at a low cost.

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салфетка для молока
салфетка для молока
салфетка для молока
салфетка для молока
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